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About Rethink Nutrition

Rethink Nutrition is an insurance-based nutrition clinic across the street from beautiful city park in Manhattan, KS. While every insurance plan is different, many plans have coverage for nutrition visits with a dietitian, often covering 100% of the cost. Click here to find out if your insurance covers nutrition visits.

We're not your old-school nutrition clinic!

In fact, we love helping our clients think about food differently, hence our name Rethink Nutrition. Our approach to health is about finding realistic and sustainable habits that can be easily incorporated into your life.

We consider your nutrition, movement, sleep, stress to determine how we can help your body function at it's best. The big thing we don't do? Diets. Diets don't work longterm and they tend to make people miserable.

If you're looking to change the way you think about nutrition, health and your lifestyle, we'd love to show you how we approach things differently and get great results for our clients.


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