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My Favorite Non-Diet Resources

The majority of the nutrition information circulating on the internet and in books is rooted in diet culture and, as I’m sure you’re tired of me saying by now, diets don’t work!

So, when people are trying to transition into a more normal, sustainable way of eating and taking care of themselves, I’m often asked for good resources to support them on their journey. Here are my favorites!


Intuitive Eating (3rd Edition) by Evelyn Tribole, MS, RD and Elyse Resch, MS RD, FADA, CEDRD

The concept of intuitive eating has been around…well, as long as people have been eating. But these two dietitians were the first to really coin the term. The concepts in this book are really the basis of the non-diet approach to eating. It’s easy to understand and goes over some of the research that has been done comparing intuitive eating to diets.

Health At Every Size by Linda Bacon, PhD

Body Respect by Linda Bacon, PhD and Lucy Aphramor, PhD, RD

You would probably never guess this from the majority of the messages we hear about weight but, although higher weight is sometimes associated with chronic disease, it is not the cause. Both of these books are very well researched and evidence-based, while also being easy to understand.

The Anti-Diet Project

A blog on Refinery 29 started in 2013 by Kelsey Miller when she decided to give up dieting and try intuitive eating. She also wrote a memoir entitled Big Girl: How I Gave Up Dieting and Got a Life that gives an incredibly real look into learning intuitive eating and battling the deeply held diet mentality. I will say that the memoir has a fair bit of language in it if that is something that bothers you.


Podcasts are great because you can listen to them in the car or on a walk or while cleaning your house! You can find them in iTunes or, if you have an Android, in an app like Podcast Addict.

Food Psych podcast with Christy Harrison, MPH, RD, CDN

Christy interviews a wide variety of guests about their relationship with food, body image, eating disorders, non-diet nutrition, and size/weight acceptance.

Dietitians Unplugged podcast with Aaron Flores, RDN and Glenys Oyston, RDN

Aaron and Glenys interview a variety of guests on non-diet, intuitive eating, and Health at Every Size® practices.

Nutrition Matters podcast with Paige Smathers, RD, CD

Paige talks with experts health, nutrition, and wellness with a focus on intuitive eating and Health at Every Size®.

Don’t Salt My Game podcast with Laura Thomas, PhD

Laura talks with people in all areas of wellness, digging into fads and trends, calling out things that have no scientific merit, and promoting evidence-based food, nutrition, and wellness practices.

The Love, Food Podcast with Julie Duffy Dillon, RD

Julie answers listener questions on topics like eating disorders, disordered eating, parenting and food, dieting, body image, and weight stigma.


All of the handles below are on Instagram, but many of these people are also on Facebook and/or have blogs. If they have a blog, it is linked to their name.

Robyn Nohling, FNP, RD, MSN @thereallife_rd

Kylie Mitchel, MPH, RD, LD @immaeatthat

Haley Goodrich, RD, LDN @hgoodrichrd

Dr. Colleen Reichmann @drcolleenreichmann

Rachael Hartley, RD @rachaelhartleyrd

Laura Thomas, PhD, RNutr @laurathomasphd

Christy Harrison, MPH, RD @chr1styharrison

**UPDATE Aug 2018** SELF Magazine recently put together a fantastic list of 17 registered dietitians from various backgrounds that you can find HERE. Some of the above dietitians are on that list but there are several more included and I would highly recommend checking them out!

I also highly recommend filling your social media feed with things completely unrelated to nutrition or exercise. My favorites are included below.

U.S. Department of the Interior @usinterior

Visit Idaho @visitidaho

Nathanael Billings @nathanaelbillings

Nate Luebbe @nateinthewild

National Park Life @nationalparklife

Travel Alberta @travelalberta

Stephen Matera Photographer @stephen_matera

National Geographic Travel @natgeotravel

The Outbound Collective @theoutbound

Have you read or listened to any of these? Which is your favorite?

What Others Are Saying

Josie Werts
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Josie Werts
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"My experience working with Sydney at Rethink Nutrition was wonderful! She helped me see that consistency and balance are an important part in being healthy, and she taught me how to work towards food freedom. It was easy to be honest about challenges, and I was always met with patience and new solutions to try. There were so many days I wanted to give up on recovery, but her encouragement and advice helped me keep going. If you're struggling but hesitant to see a dietitian, I would suggest Rethink because you deserve the care and support to get better. Sydney is truly amazing at what she does. She's my hero!"

Drew Davis
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Drew Davis
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"I rarely leave reviews for anything online, but I have to say that Anna Binder and the team at Rethink Nutrition genuinely changed my life. After suffering from IBS and acid reflux for years, it only took a few months with Anna's treatment for me to be almost completely symptom free. I have so much more knowledge and control over my health now than I ever thought possible - not to mention that I can eat without hardly any restrictions or concerns anymore. Could not recommend enough!"

Dunia Harmison
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Dunia Harmison
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"In just over a week of working with Anna, I feel great! I no longer feel the need to lay down during the day, my face is clearing up, and I'm no longer feeling bloated by foods that I eat. If I'm feeling this good already, I'm excited to see how much better it gets in the coming weeks."

* Results can very. Testimonials are the result of clients committed to changing their health.
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